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Space Wars

Space Wars is a top-down shooter where you fight enemies in Space, collect points, and become more powerful as you unlock new ships

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In this fast-paced shooter, endless hordes of zombies threaten humankind. Join the resistance and fight for your world! Fight the Zombieton! But watch out for survivors! Help them cross to the safe zone and you will be rewarded.

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Geometry Doom

All kinds of gemoetric enemies lurk in the dark space, but only red eats red, and blue eats blue. Will you be able to stir your ship fast enough to avoid the color-singularity?

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Color bombs fall from all around. Spin the core and group colors to win! Remain static and the core will saturate and explode! Prevent the core overload at all costs!

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Memo Rush

Test the limits of your brain! In this game, you must first watch and memorize a pattern displayed on a grid, and then you must repeat it. It's easy at first, but soon it becomes impossible!

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